Type of Visa

Submit Your Application

How to apply                     

Submit your application at the VAC approx.2-3 weeks before the start of your journey.

 ü Fill the required form accurately and fully. Make two copies.

ü Fill in your contact/address/name of the hotel in India

ü Attach all the required documents

ü Attach your current and old (if any) passports

ü Submit the application at the BLS International Visa Services' submission desk

ü The Submission Officer at the center will scrutinize the form for any shortcomings and will guide you in fulfilling the same. However the decision of the Embassy of India shall be final.

ü You will be issued a printed ICR as acknowledgement of the receipt of your documents and the required fee and service charges

For details regarding documentation required for each type/category of visa please visit the Visa Categories and Documents required section of the website.
For details regarding the fees for each type/category of visa please visit the visa fee section.

Postal Application

 All postal Visa applications must be sent directly to:
       BLS International Visa Service- Austria

Hegelgasse 17, Top 9

1010, Vienna, Austria


Visa application must include:

ü Visa application form fully filled in and signed. Make two copies of the application and the attachments wherever required.

ü Passport valid for a minimum of six months

ü Attach all the required documents

ü 2 Photographs (51mm X 51mm)

ü If you wish to have your passport with visa sent to you, please get in touch with us.
ü Original Bank receipt indicating payment of Visa fee and Service Charge
should be attached with the Visa Application and a copy retained by the applicant.

ü An endorsement letter from the Company and invitation letter from the Indian company (Only for Business – Visa). Please note that a copy of the application and the other documents is required for business visa. If you do not submit copies of all the documents required, your application will not be processed.


Bank details:                    Account No. 50670048843
 BLZ 12000
 IBAN AT121200050670048843

Surcharge of 1€ would be levied on every Debit card transaction